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Did you know that currently WordPress is used by over 60% of all websites that are using a content management system. This equates to over 23% of all websites on the internet today. Over 37,000 WordPress sites are hacked each day and identified as passing malware! But this is not the complete picture since this statistic do not take into consideration the more subtle hacks that involve injecting link spam or link redirects. No site is completely secure, if a hacker wants to get in badly enough in time he will. If they can hack a government secured website they can get to yours too! Let us secure and harden your WordPress website.

We offer customization WordPress security services to help protect your website as well as minimize any damage quickly if your site is compromised. Our services can be bundled together and provided on a daily, weekly or monthly or one time basis. We can also do the security setup at installation for your new WordPress website to make sure it is secure from the get go .

WordPress security consist of the following:

  • Installing security plugins, implementing security settings and notifications
  • Setting up extremely strong passwords
  • Monitoring repeated login attempts to enter the admin area and automatically blocking and blacklist them
  • Block unwanted I.P. addresses, users, I.S.P’s and visitors from a specific country
  • Installing when available all updates to themes, WordPress and plugins
  • Do daily, weekly or monthly Database backups as needed
  • Do a complete backup of the website after major changes so that it can be easily moved or reinstalled
  • This is the short list of some of the settings and procedures we preform to keep your website SAFE, AFFORDABLY!

Are you ready to setup a WordPress website let us do the installation and security before you start loading content.

Don’t become one of the 37,000 sites hacked today.
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