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Mobile App DevelopmentThe growth of the mobile app development industry is just incredible, in a little over 3 years, more then 20 billion apps have been downloaded between the iPhone and Android devices. The Android platform owns about 47% and the iPhone owns about 29% of the U.S. smartphone market.

Rave Review offers both mobile app development along with mobile website design and development. Your mobile app’s can appear in the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace or both, and we can mobilize your existing website. We are a complete mobile marketing solution for your business.

Why Use Rave Review For Your Mobile App Development?

We make the mobile app development and the  mobilization of your business simple and pain free. This will help bring you new business and increasing repeat customer loyalty.

Some Of The Things That A Mobile App Can Display?

A mobile app can be used for information about your services, they can add a restaurants menu, add one click calling and/or highlight events, specials, coupons and more such as:

  • Customers can link to your social media pages
  • Increase your Facebook fans
  • Increase Twitter followers
  • GPS coupons so that when customers are at your location they can “check in” and receive bonuses or discounts
  • Implement QR code coupons to replace stamp cards to increase your customer loyalty
  • Take full control over your apps content your app can be updated, display special events, specials for the week or day, loyalty coupons, an image gallery, you can add or change everything inside the app
  • You can update your customers instantly to updates, specials you are offering, or a happy hour with push notifications
  • Use Push Notifications to break the barrier between you and your customers that is included completely FREE with your app. Compared to SMS text marketing plans that on the average can cost over $200 per month
  • As well as many other great features!

Interested in having your responsive website converted to an Android and/or IOS App with push notification affordably?

Would you like to build your own Android and/or IOS Apps for yourself or others? Then check out

Are you ready to have your mobile app developed for your business? Whether it is for an iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon or Web App we can design and develop an app for you. Contact Us


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