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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rave Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • How many years have you been in business? – 16 Years and counting.
  • Do I have to be local to work with Rave Review? – Absolutely not we can work with clients from anywhere in the world.
  • I’m interested in a service I do not see listed on your website? – If you do not see a service that we offer please feel free to contact us. We will determine if this is something we can do or will assist you in locating the right team for your request, either way we can help you.

Website Design

  • How much does a website cost? – We offer a WordPress website 5 pages starting at $450.00. Custom websites will be quoted depending on your exacting needs.
  • How long does it take to have my website built? – This depends if we are doing the writing or you are providing the text and images for the site and how quickly we receive them. Also depending on the type and complexity of the website designed from a few days to several weeks.
  • What format can you design websites in? – We specialize in sites done in WordPress, Joomla, Web3 Design and eCommerce.
  • Can you also host and SEO our website once it is designed? – YES
  • I have an old website can you update it? – Of course, we can take a standard HTML site and convert it to a modern customized responsive WordPress design using your current content.

Mobile Website Design

  • Why do I need a mobile website? – Google’s “mobilegeddon” is here and if your site is not mobile ready you are loosing ranking and customers.
  • Is a mobile site a separate from my main site? – Yes, it is a mobile version of your main site.
  • Must I have a mobile site designed or there an option? – There is an option you can have your site redesigned in what is known as a responsive design that will fit in a desktop view, tablet view or on a smart phone.

Mobile App Development

  • What type of apps can you create? – We create app’s for restaurants, businesses, churches, bands to name just a few.
  • How long does it take to have an app designed? – All depends from a few days for a simple app to weeks for a more complicated app.
  • Can you convert my website into an app? – Yes
  • What type of format can you do apps in? – iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle or WebApp.
  • Can my app’s be monetized? – Yes we can do that for you.

Website Hosting

  • What type of website hosting do you offer? – We offer packages for small websites, business website, virtual servers, servers and managed servers.
  • Can you help me decide what is best for my site? – Yes
  • Do you offer unlimited hosting services? – Yes
  • I would like more information about your hosting service where can I get it?Click Here to be taken to our hosting website to views the different plans.
  • Do you offer Domain Name registration?Click Here to be taken to our hosting website where you can register your domain name.

WordPress Security Services

  • Why do I need security for my WordPress site? – WordPress websites are targeted and hacked everyday due to vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. If you do not have a site secured properly you run the chance of having your website taken over by hackers.
  • What type of damage can a hacked do to my site? – First they can take it over can change all your content, add viruses, use your email for spam, or worse get your website blacklisted.
  • Can you guarantee I will never get hacked? – The short answer is NO. Anyone can get hacked large corporations with teams of security exports as well as government websites. The best anyone can do is to make it as hard as possible for them to get in as well as make sure if they do to catch it quickly and limit the damage caused.
  • Can I just make sure that all my updates are done and that would do it? – No, that will stop some of the vulnerabilities, but there are a lot more ways hackers can get in and methods to stop them.
  • Is your service an ongoing service? – Yes, once the initial security is in place we provide updated and security measures as needed as well as complete backups of your site in case it is ever hacked we can get you back to business quickly.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Do use any black hat tricks to get my site ranked higher? – NEVER, we only use white hat procedures that will never get your website penalized.
  • ? Is your service a one time fix – No, SEO is never a onetime fix. It is a process that works over time to build ranking. If anyone says they can get you ranked higher quickly or get you on page one (I’ll bet you never got a phone call or an email claiming that!!!) stay away. They will either use some obscure keyword or a black hat trick.
  • Once I have a high ranking will I need SEO services any more? – Maybe, yes or no. All depends on the search engines and your competition who is also trying their best for higher rankings, they are always changes, updates and new competition which will effect your rankings eventually.
  • Can you analyze my site and help me determine my needs and budget? – Yes, we will analyze your site and help you to determine course of action needed as well as keep you within a budget you can afford to help build your business.

Link Building & Social Media Marketing

  • What type of services do you offer? – Backlinking services, content writing, articular writing to name just a few.
  • I do not have time to take care of my Blog pages, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts or Google+ accounts can you do this for my business? – Yes, we can take care for all your social media needs and add content and promote your pages.
  • Is there a set price for these services? – Many of our services have a set price. Though when we takeover monitoring your social pages these are customized plans and will be happy to go over your needs and give you a quote

Business Reputation Management

  • How do you build my positive reputation on the internet? – The sort answer is by increasing your positive reputation and pushing down your negative feedback.
  • Do you create fake positive feedback? – Never, we work with your clients to have them report positive feedback and work with clients that offer negative feedback to work out any issues they have to a positive position.
  • How do you do this? – Several methods one is to implement a ranking system for customers to rate your services offering positive feedback a chance to post it and catching negative feedback before it’s posted to correct the situation.

Internet Consulting

  • What does your internet consulting services consist of? – Like the serves says internet consulting, you have a question about a project, an idea, or anything related to how to do something on the net we can help.
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Rave Review Website Design, Hosting & SEO
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