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Google has been recommend that webmasters ready their websites for mobile for many years now. The total number of mobile internet users has jumped dramatically, and Google wants mobile users to be able to view sites that are mobile friendly. Now Google has taken the next step in mobile website usability.

It is now official, “Mobilegeddon” is here.

So what is Mobilegeddon?

Mobilegeddon was the name given to Google’s algorithm update that they ware expanding the use of user friendly mobile website design as a ranking signal. This changes the affect of mobile searches in all languages, worldwide and has a significant impact in your search results. Over 50% of all visits to a website are from mobile devices, and is increasing daily!

You want to make sure that your websites are mobile friendly, so they will not suffer any loss in ranking. Also your rankings may even increase, if your competitors are slow to implement a mobile website version or change to a responsive designed website, or if they just do nothing at all.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having a mobile website design that is user friendly:

  • Your website will NOT suffer any Google ranking loss.
  • Your website is more likely to raise in it’s rankings (if your competitors do not mobilize their website).
  • Your website gets a ‘Mobile-friendly’ tag in Google’s search results

Whether you need a stand alone mobile website design or would like to convert your current site to a responsive mobile ready website Rave Review can help you become mobile. Contact Us to get mobile.

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